Wednesday, July 18, 2012

UPDATE! vanilla extract & sugar

Today, July 18th, is one month since I made my batch of vanilla bean extract and vanilla sugar, as shown above.

The sugar smells heavenly! I pulled the bean out admist the sugar and tucked it into my bottle of extract. The more the merrier! Vanilla sugar is great in coffee, on cereal, on toast with butter and cinnamon and I actually have a few recipes that call for vanilla sugar.

The vanilla extract is a rich brown color and smells wonderfully strong! I haven't used it yet in any recipes, but am confident it will be soon. Once I start using it, all I have to do is top it off every so often with a little more bourbon. And after about 6 months, I will add another vanilla bean or two to the bottle to strengthen the flavor. Simple as that!

Here is the link for my original post: Make Your Own Vanilla Extract.

Happy pinning!

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