Saturday, July 14, 2012

design your own jam label

Here is the direct link for: Design Your Own Jam Label.

I made some sour cherry jelly the other week with a friend. It was a joint effort: his cherries, my canning pot, his sugar and my labels to top it all off.

This pin comes from the blog, The Kitchn. This is a fun sight! The author gives lots of ideas and links for creating fun labels like this one, plus others, and even fun food-related suggestions for putting inside the jars.

The label above is one of 5 designs to choose from. I added my own words, selected the colors and can even play with the size of the label. I chose this size. It fits the top of a wide-mouth jar. I slipped it inside the medal ring. The designs can be printed on adhesive paper for sticky labels too.

In the process of creating this entry, I found another fun label site that you might like, World Label, lots of free print ables. Now all I need is a batch of raspberry freezer jam to go with my new found label!

The red pin award for a great creative resource!

Happy pinning!

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