Sunday, July 1, 2012

how to clean your washing machine

Here is the direct link for: How to Clean your Washing Machine.

I so desperately needed to do this! As you can see my before photo shows my machine needed a little TLC. Who knew?

This pin comes from the blog, Somewhat Simple. The author, Anna, is a guest to this blog. She tells her readers in wonderful detail just how to clean your washing machine whether its a top-loader or a front-loader and with lots of photos to support. A great resource.

Her before photo looks very much like mine did. I honestly don't remember the last time I cleaned it. Another airing of dirty laundry story. The cleaning process definitely took time to complete: an hour soaking in white vinegar water and another hour to soak in a bleach solution.

I did have to scrub after the the first soak and ended up using my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser pad. The magic eraser took care of any extra crud both on my agitator, the lid and sides. Anna also gives some great detailing tips to clean the knobs and little nooks and crannies so your machine looks like new again.

I am truly amazed how clean it looks! Now I only wish my machine would act like a new one. The blog recommends cleaning your washing machine once a year, a yearly Spring cleaning task. 

The red pin award for helpful resource! BONUS POINT: It got me off my duff to clean my own machine!

Happy pinning!


  1. Man, I love this blog!
    Pass or fail, it really doesn't matter since I learn along with you. I'm still giggling about those Jello "Cookies"!

    Oh -- and you're supposed to clean a wash machine? Who knew?! Sign me "from the house of if it's not broke don't bother........."

  2. I totally agree with you about if it's not broken don't bother. I had heard that you SHOULD be cleaning your machine but never had much interest in it until now. I am truly impressed with myself on this one. Thanks for following!

  3. It has occured to me while reading that although most people who own their own machines may not be inclined to clean them, people who rent units with machines in them might want to definitely consider cleaning the machine before use.

    Really a great tutorial.

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