Friday, July 13, 2012

english muffin pizzas

Here is the direct link for: English Muffin Pizzas.

This pin comes from the blog, Once Upon A Chef. I don't know why I never thought of this simple recipe before! English muffin pizzas are quick and easy. The blog's author, Jennifer, reminds her readers to be sure to toast the muffin before you add all the toppings! They taste best if they're a little crunchy-like.

I'm finding, after reading so many blogs lately, that the 'leave a comment' section is almost as informative as the actual blog. You can glean a wealth of information from just one or two comments. For example on this blog, one commenter suggested using for the pizzas Trader Joe's pizza sauce. I love it when others make suggestions, so I tried it. We all agreed: we would buy this sauce again. It is light, has no fat, but still very tomato-y tasting with just the right amount of oregano in it. The sauce adds to the flavor, doesn't over power.

I used fresh mozzarella cheese and thin Roma tomato slices on my personal pizzas, but it was nothing special, actually a bit soggy. My daughter's pizzas, above photo, were the best ingredient combination: sauce, cheese and pepperoni. Simple, but good. Believe me, English muffin pizzas will never replace the real thing!

FYI. The only drawback? The broiler is used for heating these pizza muffins and it really turned our whole kitchen into a pizza oven. Next time, make them on not such a hot day. Also, take my advice, use the traditional white English muffins NOT the whole wheat ones!

My daughter, Hannah, says, "The red pin award on this one, Mom!" We have decided to call these our 'pizza muffins'. Less formal sounding.

Happy pinning!

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