Sunday, July 22, 2012

the epic brownie

Here is the direct link for: The Epic Brownie.

This recipe comes from the blog, A Spicy Perspective. The blog's author, Sommer, says this about these brownies, "This is the best brownie recipe I've ever made. And I would never lie about brownies." Well then. She certainly sold me.

This recipe is very chocolate-y. It uses, for starters, a pound of chopped dark chocolate, plus a can of dulce de leche and a cup of chocolate chips in it. Isn't your mouth salivating? I sent my husband to the store to buy these ingredients (because of course I don't have them on hand, too dangerous). He came home with two bags of Nestle's Toll House Dark Chocolate morsels instead of the block of dark chocolate. He said the chips were cheaper. I was a little annoyed at this because they were not the 'block of chocolate' that the recipe requested.

I was skeptical until I actually tasted them. Oh my goodness! Have you ever bought these chips before? I could have eaten the whole bag! Skip the brownies all together, just buy the chips! They are so smooth, so rich. But I digress here, back to the brownies.

The recipe is easy enough to make. It fills a generous 9 x 13-inch pan. Sommer says to bake the brownies 35-45 minutes, but to NOT OVER BAKE them. I checked my brownines at 35 minutes and they were done. I really should of checked them at 30 minutes. They were a bit dry, slightly overcooked. It did not hinder us. And now, half a pan later, who really cares?

Are these brownies epic? To be honest, I haven't a clue. I am not a connoisseur of brownies by a long shot. But I would make them again and highly recommend the recipe.

FYI. Next time stir the mixture only until moistened. And check the baking brownies at 25-30 minutes. My oven tends to run hot. If I pulled them out sooner, they would be a bit more moist and fudgy. And definitely buy Nestle's Dark Chocolate morsels again!

The red pin award for the discovery of Nestle's Dark Chocolate morsels! and the brownie recipe, of course.

Happy pinning!

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