Tuesday, July 24, 2012

softest, silkiest legs

Here is the direct link for: Softest, Silkiest Legs.

This entry comes from the blog, Gluten Free Navy Wife. The blog's author was in search of a less expensive sugar scrub and ended up making her own. It isn't exactly clear from her blog post what is the direct cause of the softest legs: the sugar scrub, the shaving of the legs twice, the coconut oil or the combination of all of it? But I tried it to find out.

After reading her blog, I realized I already had a jar of sugar scrub sitting in my linen closet. I was given it as a gift and I didn't know what to do with it. It's Tree Hut's Shea Sugar Body Scrub. Tree Hut's link has great info on the benefits of using sugar body scrub.

So I tried the whole routine and the results? Yes, my legs are the softest and silkiest! But I worked hard to get there too. The key is shaving twice and the extra scrubbing. This all helps to exfoliate and rid your skin of that daily buildup of dead skins cells. My legs now feel just like my husband's face does after he shaves.

What I found most interesting with the Gluten Free Navy Wife's blog post were the reader's comments and suggestions at the end. They covered everything from favorite oils to favorite techniques. Below are a few noteworthy comments to share:

One. Scrub your legs first, then shave it off with a razor.

Two. Shave your legs on the side of the tub. The oils from the scrub make the bath water too oily, making for quite a mess to clean up.

Three. The consensus of many was to 1-scrub, 2-shave, 3-scrub again and 4-shave again, in this order. And coconut oil is the preferred oil to moisturize your skin afterwards.

Four. If you want to make your own scrub, try this recipe instead: Mix a whole tube of Dove Oil Treatment Nourishing Conditioner and about 5 cups of sugar together in a jar. The commenter of this suggestion wrote, "It makes the MOST AMAZING smelling and feeling scrub I have ever done." She had tried Gluten Free Navy Wife's recipe and found it a bit greasy.

To be honest, I will buy Tree Hut's sugar scrub again no matter what it cost. I love the lime-coconut smell! I will definitely add this routine to my body care regime.

The red pin award for soft legs and for using up product I already had in my linen closet!

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  1. Good to know -- if I ever return to shaving.
    I made a Lemon Sugar rub, and use it on my face. I'm in the in-between stage where Oil of Old Lady isn't cutting it, and my paycheck can't afford to see Elizabeth Arden. Mine came (more or less) from a kit with safflower oil. Lemon Juice (or any citrus) is good for antibacterial properties, it might lighten your skin ever so little, it's cheap, and a great way to use lemons just before they get "ugly." I also have a small amount is a plastic jar next to the sink for when I cut onions and garlic -- it works on that lingering "scent."


  2. Sounds wonderful! I wondered about using it on your face. What ingredients do you put into it? just sugar and lemon juice? and how often do you use it? every night?

  3. Sugar, the oil, and I zested the lemons before juicing. I shower every 3rd day, and use it then. Some might find it too oily for their skin, but I don't mind. Where we live we rarely are above 10% humidity so having sking that doesn't feel like roofing material is a good thing!

    I suppose I should note that I'm not big on commerical products and rarely wear makeup.

    When I make another batch, I'm going to try the coconut oil instead. Wouldn't that smell heavenly?!

  4. Thanks for the info, Liz. Yes, I am going to find some organic coconut oil too. I think the lotions I use dry out my legs more than moisturize them!