Monday, July 23, 2012

meet ben silbermann

Here is the direct link for: Meet Ben Silbermann. The Brilliant Young Co-Founder of Pinterest.

I pinned this article from the blog, Buisness Insider, quite a while back in the hopes of one day reading it. Well today is the day! It was interesting enough to share the pin with you.

I have often wondered why and how Pinterest got started? And what were their intentions?

The article says that the co-owner of Pinterest, Ben Silbermann, as a child liked to collect all types of things. Ben says in response to this, "What you collect says so much about who you are." He also says, "To me the (Pinterest) boards are a very human way of looking at the world." Pinterest has become an online service for creating your own personal collections of everything from cooking to design to color to hairstyles. The list is endless.

I had never thought about it quite like that before. Pinterest for me has become a way to visually group together what I love and would love-to-love. The bonus is in the ability to share it with so many other like-minded individuals. How fun!

Happy pinning!

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