Friday, July 20, 2012

the best taco seasoning recipe ever

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Here is the direct link for: The Best Taco Seasoning Recipe Ever.

This pin comes from the blog, What's That Smell? The blog's author, Kim, sold me on this recipe when I read what she had to say, ". . . I have spent the summer trying different taco seasoning recipes that I found on the web, and finally, FINALLY found one that will forever be “our” taco seasoning recipe." Thanks, Kim, for doing all the work for us!

What convinced me even more to try it was when I discovered I had ALL the ingredients already in my cupboard. All of them! We tried it in our taco salads, mixed into the ground turkey. The taste was very light, fresh and a bit spicy!

The recipe calls for one teaspoon of sea salt as one of the ingredients. It was a perfect amount, not too salty at all. The prepackaged taco seasoning, even the low-sodium version, can still be too salty for my tastes, but it sure is convenient.

One batch of the new seasoning equals about three tablespoons. Kim recommends using 2 tablespoons seasoning per one pound of meat. I ended up doubling the recipe to have more on hand for next time.

I am totally converted! I will never buy the prepackaged taco seasoning again! No need.

FYI. Now all I need is a nice little empty spice bottle to place my seasoning in. Penzeys Spices sells a wonderful-size glass bottle with a black lid.

The red pin award for another 'best-ever' recipe!

Thanks again, Kim. I truly appreciate it!

Happy pinning!


  1. Thanks for the link, recipe seems very interesting and it's nice explained!

  2. Your are welcome! Just remember every time you mix it up, double or triple the recipe to have more on hand for next time!