Friday, July 27, 2012

caramel apple dip

Here is the direct link for: Caramel Apple Dip.

I needed a quick and unique gift for a friend's birthday. This apple dip looked so yummy and colorful with the green apple. A decadent little treat just for her, with no sharing needed.

This pin comes from the blog, Event Trender. The blog attributes the recipe for this caramel apple dip to Cathy Churilla, the person who initially shared the recipe. The recipe consists of a container of cream cheese, a container of Marzetti's Caramel Dip and a bag of baking Heath English Toffee Bits. Yummy!

It is a quick and easy gift to put together. One batch of dip fills a little more than two half-pint mason jars. A bright bow and a cellophane bag is all the wrapping necessary for this gift. This combination would make for great party favors or wonderful hostess gifts.

The red pin award for 'apple-lutely' delicious! I made one for my family too, but we are mainly eating our dip with a large spoon!!!!!

Happy pinning!


  1. What a nice twist on an Apple For the Teacher gift.

  2. It is soooo yummy. You want to give it away to others so that you don't eat it all yourself!

  3. Thanks for sharing our apple dip recipe! It is so yummy!
    ~ Angela