Wednesday, July 4, 2012

a patriotic 'mocktail' & brownie kebabs

Happy 4th of July! These two pins are 'red, white & blue' related in honor of our nation's birthday!

Here is the direct link for: A Patriotic 'Mocktail' for the Kids! 

This drink is a fun science experiment as well as a refreshing-looking drink. The drink is layered in such a way that it stays put: bottom (red - fruit punch), middle (blue - Gatorade) and top (white - diet 7-Up). I say this hesitantly because our first drink was completely purple. The secret is pouring in the liquid very slowly and having lots of ice.

This pin comes from the blog, BabyCenter. The pin is originally adapted from the Family Fun magazine. Lindsay Weiss, the BabyCenter blog's author, says this about the magic of the drink's layering, "tell the family that the secret is in the sugar! It separates by keeping the drink with the highest sugar content on the bottom, and the least on top." This is a fun idea, but you have to really LOVE fruit punch cause that's all you taste. I do not like that much red in any drink! My family, especially my kids, liked the idea and the taste.

Here is the direct link for my second pin: Brownie Kebabs.

The brownie kebabs idea comes from the blog, Mel's Kitchen Cafe. They are easy enough to put together and even easier to eat, a nice light dessert idea.

We used the fudge sauce as a dip rather than for drizzling. I store-bought the brownie bites to save time and less heat in the kitchen.

The red pin award goes towards the brownie kebabs! Anything chocolate always wins in my book.

The drinks were not worth the expense, sorry to say.

Happy pinning! 

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