Wednesday, July 18, 2012

french toast waffles

Here is the direct link for: French Toast Waffles.

This recipe comes from Horizon Organic's website. Their tag line for this recipe is "Little ones love this crispy, chewy, sweet and yummy take on a classic breakfast treat!" My daughter, age 14, would agree with the sentiments but being little has nothing do with it!

Waffles always satisfy my love for pattern and texture. And now so do french toast waffles!

This recipe is simple and delicious. I didn't have any square-looking bread on hand, only the traditional loaf-like bread, but Texas Toast would of been perfect! I like the addition of the grated orange zest. It also would be yummy with a few sliced bananas on top of the bread before you lower the waffle iron's lid.

Tomorrow just might be another 'need for texture' day. I'll try the banana-thing with pecan halves sprinkled on top.

The red pin award for the little added 'texture' into my life!

FYI. Remember to buy some Texas Toast!

 Happy pinning!

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