Thursday, July 19, 2012

jar with metal holder & wood handles

Here is the direct link: Potpourri Jar with Metal Holder & Wood Handles.

I bought this jar to use as a vase a while back and absolutely love it! I love cut flowers on my kitchen table and the metal lid with the holes (see photo to right) makes flower arranging so much easier. Just a few cuttings goes a long way!

The jar comes from the company, Saves On Crafts. It has a great selection of bottles like this one. I also like this 6-inch jar too. Saves on Crafts offers quantity discounts. For instance, this bottle sells for $9.00. Buying three reduces the price to $8.59 a piece. But you probably make up for the discount with the shipping costs.

Doesn't matter cause I like my vase and already want another! 

The red pin award for a fun find!

Happy pinning!

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