Tuesday, July 3, 2012

minty mojitos

Here is the direct link for: Minty Mojitos.

The recipe for this cool, refreshing favorite drink comes from the blog, Poet in the Pantry. The blog's author, the poet herself, writes quite the essay about growing mint in her garden. A delightful read.

Her recipe also includes how to make a Simple Syrup, a sugar-water syrup, the base of a mojito, that she infuses with a bunch of fresh mint. The syrup alone is wonderful! She enjoys mock mojitos (without alcohol), but suggests for the real thing, simply add 1-1/2 ounce of white rum to each drink.

The poet herself adds, "For an extra minty flavor, you can also muddle 8 or so mint leaves in the bottom of the glass into the simple syrup (basically, crushing the mint in the syrup with a pestle or the back of a spoon to release the oils . . . before adding the ice, lime juice, and tonic water/club soda." She uses her mini tart shaper for this job. I just happen to have a tart shaper from a Pamper Chef party years ago. What a great idea!

FYI. My mojito, in the end, was quite refreshing. I added the rum to mine, but no extra muddling of mint leaves. I realized afterwards that I actually do like a 'minty-looking' mojito. The sprig of mint as a garnish just wasn't enough visually for me. Next time I would do the muddling. For another website with a slightly different recipe using more mint leaves and fresh limes, check this out: The Yummy Life.

The red pin award for refreshing!

I would choose this drink, without the rum, over a glass of lemonaide any day!

Happy pinning!

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