Sunday, July 15, 2012

make hard-boiled eggs in the oven

Here is the direct link for: Make Hard-boiled Eggs in the Oven.

Not a lot to say about this pin except why not try it? This idea comes from the blog, Coleen's Recipes. What intrigued me was what the blog's author said about this method, "The yolks are bright yellow and the whites are very tender (not rubbery like boiled eggs can produce)".

It sure was easy enough. The blog recommends baking them in a mini-cupcake pan, but I didn't notice that little detail until too late. In a 350 degree oven, I baked my extra-large eggs in a regular-size muffin pan for 30 minutes, then dropped them into the ice water. They peeled like a charm. And they were not rubbery at all.

Why would you do it this way over the stove-top method? Can't answer that one. Except that it sure takes the guess work out of hard-boiling an egg. Is that a good enough? 

The red pin award for unusual idea!

If I come up with a great idea why you should ALWAYS make your eggs this way, I will definitely pass it along.

Happy pinning!


  1. I've had the occasional egg wheep in hot water -- so maybe this is a solution? I live at 6300 feet above sea level, so I'm a little leary about trying this but you're the first I've run into that's actually done it. Bully for you!

  2. From what I've read is the trick to coordinate your egg size with the amount of time. My eggs were very large ones and I just set the timer to 30 minutes in the oven. If you had smaller ones, try 25 minutes. There is definitely no weeping eggs here!

  3. I have been boiling eggs lately for school lunches, but I do 18 at a time because I have 3 kids! I do a similar method where I bring them to a boil, let them boil for 1-2 minutes, then have them sit for 15 minutes before the ice bath. It works well, but to do 18 it takes almost an hour (especially if I put in too much water!). If I could get them all in the oven, this method might actually be faster for me. OTOH, it might use more energy and heat the house up more.

  4. I have found another pin that does the water boil method. I need to buy more eggs, but I will try that method next. Then I can compare the two methods. On a hot day, heating the oven is the worst, but you are right it sure cooks a lot of eggs at one time with no broken shells, etc.