Saturday, June 30, 2012

jello cookies

Here is the direct link for: Jello Cookies.

This pin comes from the blog, I {heart} nap time. The blog's author, Jamielyn, made these with her young son. They first mixed the dough batter (basically a butter cookie recipe) and than her son played with it, like play dough. She then rolled the dough into colorful balls, flattened and baked them.

This is not Jamielyn's original recipe. Her blog entry stems from this recipe: Jello Cookies. I like Jamielyn's vibrant colors so much better. I wanted mine to be just like hers.

But nothing about this recipe was fun except the colors. My cookies didn't turn out anything like her photos promised. I even played with them using a cut-crystal glass to give a decorative imprint. Those are the cookies buried on the bottom of the jar. I made them one-inch like she suggested and they were too small. The only thing I learned from this recipe? Throw it out immediately. And my advice to you? RUN! and don't look back on this.

FYI. The I {heart} Nap Time blog's cookies are beautiful and playful. They definitely enticed me to make these cookies. But some things are just too good-to-be-true. Next time, think twice about pinning a baked good with 'jello' as an ingredient! 

Oh, I almost forgot -- jello baked in the oven does not smell good!

And finally, a quote from another blog, Catching Something Invisible, (of course, I found this out too late):

Jello Cookies are The Worst."

Happy pinning!

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