Thursday, June 21, 2012

dawn dish soap - laundry pre-treat for oily stains

Here is the direct link for: Dawn Dish Washing Liquid . . . It's Not Just For Dishes Anymore.

This pin comes from the blog, One Good Thing. The author loves this product! She uses it for everything under the sun. On her blog she gives quite the list exclaiming its many wonders. Who knew?

I went to her sight intrigued with the notion of using Dawn dish soap as a laundry pre-treat for oily stains on my t-shirts. My shirts were starting to pile up, all with nagging oil stains on them. This is the gist of my usual removal routine: Soak the shirt for a day or two, wash it (hoping the stain comes out), wear it, eat something and spill on it all over again!

So I gave Dawn a squirt, so to speak. One Good Thing instructs to place a small amount of original blue Dawn on the stain, scrub it with a toothbrush, and then throw the shirt in the wash as usual. I did just that, not 100% confidant in my scrubbing skills. In the end, there were still a couple of very faded stains. But overall, out of 10 stains, 8 were gone. It has been an annoyingly oily week here at the Mayhew house. I was curious though to give it another try with some 'good' scrubbing this time.

And yes, this time ALL the oil stains came out! Yippee! I got my shirts back! For some reason the scrubbing is just as important as the squirt of Dawn. One Good Thing does say 'to scrub (the shirt) until the oil is removed'. Whatever that means? I don't need to know all the details, I guess.

Red pin award! I tried something new and I definitely liked the results. Dawn is kind of a spooky product, don't you think? :}

Happy pinning!


  1. I imagine it is something to do with agitation and friction. After all, it's possible to wash clothes in a river with no detergent and get them clean - it's just very hard work!

  2. You are right. We always want it to be easy though, don't we? Have someone or in this case, something, do all the work. No pain, no gain!

  3. Original blue DAWN is a petroleum based product, according to Clinton Kelly on "The Chew" last week. If it takes spilled oil out of duck feathers, it ought to work on a Target t-shirt!

  4. The original post shares an unbelievable assortment of uses for this product. I am definitely buying a bottle. Most of those "this product removes every dirty oily spot on the planet" laundry aids don't do the job. This sounds promising! And my shower wouldn't mind trying a little out either!