Sunday, June 10, 2012

7 ways to use pinterest

Here is the direct link for: 7 Ways to Use Pinterest.

This sight has some great tips on the how to use Pinterest. The one I most found valuable was the tip #1: Stop sharing it all on Facebook. Who would have known that every pin I made would show up on my Facebook page?

This article comes from the blog, The Hyper House. Julie, the blog's author says, "Pinterest being linked to Facebook makes it easy to find friends but how annoying is it when you see 12 updates on your Facebook feed because someone just discovered cute puppy photos?" So true. No wonder people were 'unliking' me. I would have done the same!

I liked her sound advice and doable tips. This pin gets the red pin award!

I then went on to read another great article by The Hyper House: More Pinterest Tips.

Happy pinning!

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