Friday, June 15, 2012

salted caramel butter bars

Here is the direct link for: Salted Caramel Butter Bars.

This recipe comes from the blog, Cookies & Cups. But after reading the entry this blog isn't the originator of the recipe. Shelly, the author's blog, loves sweet things, thus this bar recipe. She used in her recipe Princess Cake and Cookie Bakery Emulsion. Shelly says it adds "an almondy-citrus flavor" to these bars that she highly recommends. I have never tried emulsions before, but will order for a bottle. She has picked my curiousity.

The emulsion is used instead of vanilla extract. The bar recipe calls for 2 tablespoons of extract so I can see that it would enhance ANY recipe. One teaspoon extract = one teaspoon emulsion.

The emulsion comes from LorAnn's Oils. This is what the website says about this emulsion:

"LorAnn's Princess Cake and Cookie baking & flavoring emulsion has a light, nutty taste accented with undertones of citrus and rich vanilla. Use it wherever you want to impart a creamy flavor.  Delicious as a flavoring for butter cream frosting.
Flavor combination:  Vanilla + Almond + Lemon
Substitute Princess Cake and Cookie in your recipes calling for vanilla extract for a winning flavor update!  Try it in your favorite chocolate chip or sugar cookie recipe for a new flavor twist.

Princess Cake & Cookie Emulsion will be the "secret ingredient" in your cookies, cakes &  frostings!"

Long and short of it. . . The red pin award. Even without the emulsion it is a yummy recipe. My family loves them! These bars cut into little 2-inch squares would make a nice addition to my Christmas cookie repertoire.

FYI.  I would refrigerate the 'extra' crumb mixture earlier (she forgets to mention this in her recipe), so that the dough would be firmer and easier to crumble. My crumbles are more clumpy. I like the photo of her bars, see Cookies & Cups, with the smaller crumbles on top. Note to self: Let the bars cool, then cut right away. They were a royal pain to cut once completely hardened. The caramel, you know.

Happy pinning!

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