Wednesday, June 13, 2012

cut-and-come-again lettuce sampler

Here is the direct link for: Cut-and-Come-Again Lettuce Sampler.

This comes from the blog, The Vegetable Gardner. This is a real thorough reprinted article from The Kitchen Gardener on growing garden lettuce, depicting all various kinds of lettuce (including photos) and their particular growing specifics. A great resource! It instructs how to cut the lettuce with a scissors correctly so you will reap 2 to 3 more cuttings before you have to reseed.

I am growing pots of lettuce, above, on my backyard deck, just outside the back door. I bought my lettuce mix from a local garden store. My lettuce sampler came with six varieties, most of them mentioned in The Kitchen Gardner's article. I daily give my lettuce a haircut, snippin' off the leaves with my fingers, as much as I need for our supper's salad. I use my fingers because my pots of lettuce are not that big to need using a scissors.

I give this a red pin award. A great link to have as a resource for next year. Of course, I will never remember any of this after this year!

Happy pinning!

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