Tuesday, June 12, 2012

best-ever iced coffee

Here is the direct link for: Best-Ever Iced Coffee.

This recipe comes from the blog, Craving Comfort. The blog's author, Dana, highly totes this drink saying "This is the last iced coffee recipe you will ever need." I don't think so, not unless you want to gain a good chunk of weight. Although I have learned a ton about iced coffee from her site.

The biggest tip I gleaned came in the making of the coffee concentrate, using the 'cold-brew' method. It supposedly gives you a 'smoother, acid-free coffee base'. I would tend to agree! I will always make my iced coffee this way from now on. Even made with decaf coffee it was a smoother drink (I am a decaf person).

To sweeten the coffee she gives her recipe for 'sweet cream': a blend of canned evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk. I gave it a try, but it was much too sweet for my liking. Did you know that by adding sweetened condensed milk to your drink officially makes it a Vietnamese iced coffee?

I would definitely make this recipe again, thus the red pin award! But instead of adding the 'sweet cream' I would substitute whole milk and Stevia. That way I can control the milkiness and sweetness factor.

FYI.  In the process of writing this post, another pin came up through Pinterest. This pin comes from the blog, The Yummy Life. Monica, the blog's author, has written a very thorough blog post on the ins-and-outs of cold-brew iced coffee. The mother-load of iced coffee information!

She begins the entry by clearly stating: "Get the smoothest taste without bitterness using this easy method; control the sweetness, flavor, calories, and cost by making your own favorite coffee drink." This about says it all! Here is The Yummy Life's blog post on  Cold-Brew Iced Coffee.

So in the end, you NOW have ALL the recipes and data needed to make the Best-Ever Iced Coffee.

Happy pinning!

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