Tuesday, June 19, 2012

marbled-chocolate banana bread

Here is the direct link for: Marbled-Chocolate Banana Bread.

I went on Pinterest today to find a recipe to use up some very ripe bananas. Honestly, I couldn't find anything interesting or yummy-looking. So I went on Cooking Light's site specifically looking for this bread recipe and then pinned it.

This comes from their 'Best Banana Bread' edition. The Cooking Light staffers share their all-time favorite healthy banana bread recipes. They list 13 different banana bread recipes to try.

Okay, I have a confession to make: This recipe isn't new to me. I have made this bread before, at least 25 times before! It is an all-time favorite and my family never tires of it. This bread is so moist and banana-y tasting every time! A tried-and-true pin, a BEST-EVER recipe. I hope you enjoy it and share it with all your Pinterest friends.

A red pin award, of course!

Tomorrow I am going to make Cooking Light's Banana Blueberry Bread. Still have two ripe bananas left.

Happy pinning!

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