Friday, June 1, 2012

samoa bark recipe

Somoa Bark Recipe, Pinterest

Here is the direct pin for Samoa Bark:  Samoa Bark

I absolutely LOVE Girl Scout Samoa cookies! So when I started seeing all these recipes on Pinterest for Samoa bark, bars, cake, you name it -- I pinned them all! Here is the first recipe of several to try.

Overall it was okay. My kids loved it though. I would not call it a 'bark', more like a 'bar' to me. I am not a huge semi-sweet chocolate chip person. That is all I tasted, and I love coconut. My friend suggested next time melting Dove chocolates for a richer taste -- one part dark chocolate pieces to 4 parts milk chocolate. That way the mixture is slightly dark but not too dark. This recipe definitely has potential. Worth playing with.

I would modify the recipe to include about a teaspoons or so of either whipping cream or shortening when melting the chocolate for drizzling. The addition of the extra fat makes a thinner mixture thus easier to drizzle with. Here is a handy way to control the drizzling process using a zip lock bag:

Samoa bark would make a great Christmas gift tucked inside a Kraft-brown take-out-like box. Attach a red ribbon and an artificial pine bough and the gift is ready to go!

UPDATE 06/04/12: Tried another piece of this bark last night and I have made a definite decision about this recipe. I don't like it using the semi-sweet chocolate pieces! They take away from the coconut-caramel taste. FYI.

Happy pinning!

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