Wednesday, August 29, 2012

vanilla pecan butter

Here is the direct link for: Vanilla Pecan Butter.

It has been quite a bread-and-butter kind of week. Most of these pins come from my 'Savories' board. Vanilla Pecan Butter. Doesn't that sound wonderful?

This recipe comes from the blog, Epicurean Mom. The blog's author, Katie, is featuring whole wheat pancakes and pecan butter topped with glazed pecans as her entry. Doesn't that sound wonderful? Today though I am only interested in the Vanilla Pecan Butter. To me, a pancake is a pancake.

The recipe is simple enough and it calls for vanilla sugar which I just happen to have from earlier this summer. And I pulverized my pecans using a small mason jar and my blender. It worked slick!

The recipe consists of butter, vanilla sugar, vanilla extract and a little cinnamon. Pretty simple. Upon tasting it, it needed a little more sugar. The recipe calls for 1/2 tablespoon, but in the end, I added 3 tablespoons total otherwise it was too salty tasting. Surprisingly the pecans do not add much flavor, only texture which I did like.

We spread our butter on mini croissants from the grocery store. The croissants were not very good and to be honest, neither was the pecan butter. It has potential, but not Katie's recipe as is. The sugar doesn't become blended enough so it's a bit crunchy. I love the addition of the vanilla sugar flavor but powdered sugar would blend better. Oh well.

I am disappointed with this one. I had such hopes.

Happy pinning!

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