Monday, August 13, 2012

crock pot chicken tacos

Here is the direct link for: Crock Pot Chicken Tacos.

I went on vacation with my family and brought along the crock pot. It worked wonderfully. After a day of hiking ourselves to death, we returned to our cabin and dinner was just about ready. Great planning, eh?

This taco recipe comes from the blog, Chocolate Therapy. The blog's author, Sarah, says this about the recipe, "If there is one crock pot recipe you need in your repertoire, this is it." Well, of course, I had to try it then, didn't I?

It sure is an easy enough recipe with only three ingredients: chicken breasts, taco seasoning, and a jar of your favorite salsa. I used my 'home-made taco seasoning' again! The chicken was very tender and flavorful. Is it the best taco recipe ever? I don't know about that. It does however make LOTS, great for a crowd.

As a bonus, Sarah gives you another recipe, Tortilla Soup, to make with your leftover shredded chicken. I haven't tried that yet, but just might with my leftover chicken.

The red pin award for a new twist on an all-time favorite: tacos.

I love putting Queso Fresco on my tacos with a little avocado and cilantro.

Happy pinning!

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