Saturday, August 11, 2012

dryer sheet as scum buster

Here is the direct link for: Dryer Sheet as Scum Buster.

This pin comes from Real Simple's Making New Uses for Old Things series. This idea came from Antonis Achilleos:
Remove obstinate soap buildup from glass shower doors by sprinkling a few drops of water onto a used fabric-softener sheet and scrubbing.
Believe it or not, this really works! I sprayed glass cleaner afterwards and wiped with a paper towel. And the scum at the bottom of the shower door was gone. Amazing! Why this works I wish I knew.

The red pin award for a simple solution to a 'scummy' problem!

How on earth did Antonis Achilleos even come up with this idea? Thank you, Antonis, for being so clever!

Happy pinning!

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  1. You make me wish I had a scummy shower door so i could try this out!!! :-)