Wednesday, August 8, 2012

cooking spray as grater helper

Here is the direct link for Real Simple's: Cooking Spray as Grater Helper.

Real Simple magazine is continuously looking for new suggestions for their New Uses for Old Things series. So keep this in mind if you have a fun idea to share.

This entry was submitted by James Wojcik. His suggestion is to:
Make that chunk of cheddar slide across your grater with ease by coating it with a little bit of non-stick cooking spray first.
I tried it with a block of cheddar cheese and didn't notice a difference with or without the non-stick spray. Oh well. It sure sounded like a good idea.

Happy pinning!


  1. I've never had a problem with cheddar sticking to the grater. But I've read a similar solution for mozzarella sticking to the grater. And I've quickly rubbed oil over both sides of the grater (don't have cooking spray) with great success for mozzarella.

  2. I tried it on cheddar, and you are right, I didn't have any troubles. But I will try it on mozzarella next time. Great tip. Thanks!