Sunday, August 26, 2012

home-made snicker bars

Here is the direct link for: Home-Made Snicker Bars.

I have been craving something chocolate lately. One look at this pin and my mouth started to water!

This recipe comes from the blog, How Sweet It Is. Jessica, the blog's author, first heard about this recipe from a friend who in turn originally pinned it from Taste of Home. Jessica's bars are much more appealing-looking. My kids were eager for me to make these.

My daughter and I made these bars together. We each took a 'layer'. There are four layers total: the chocolate bottom, the nougat-peanut center, the caramel, and the chocolate top. Three of the layers required peanut butter. One of Jessica's readers commented on this by saying, "On what planet does a regular Snickers bar have peanut butter?" Jessica replies with, "It doesn’t, but the nougat layer in a Snickers is peanut flavored. It balances nicely with the fluff to make a reasonable home-made facsimile." We followed Jessica's instructions completely.

After the bars hardened in the refrigerator for a good hour or so, we tasted one or two. Peanut butter is all we could taste. Not that we were complaining, mind you. After sitting overnight, the bar's flavors had melded, because they no longer had that strong peanut buttery taste, if at all. Go figure.

Overall we have been enjoying our home-made Snickers bars. Will they replace the real thing? No way. And here's why: For one, it's quicker to go buy one. Secondly, they are too messy to eat and need to be kept cold. You could never bring them to a potluck. They wouldn't hold up. These bars taste best frozen.

And lastly, they are too thin in appearance. If, and I mean if I ever make these again I would make them in a smaller pan than my 9x13-inch. Then they'd be thicker and more bar to your bite.

In the end, no red pin award here. I enjoyed them, but not enough to make again. Better luck next time!

8/29/2012 -- UPDATE!  My kids told me to change this and give this recipe a red pin award. They said the more they eat them, the more they taste like the real thing. We keep ours in the freezer - a frozen Snickers bar.

Happy pinning!

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