Friday, August 3, 2012

just bees polymer clay pins

Just Another Button Company
Here is the direct link for: Just Bees Pins.

I love Just Another Button Company (JABC)! They craft polymer clay buttons by hand to be used as embellishments on quilts, needlework and crafts of all sorts. 

I fell in love with their highly detailed pins, especially the 'Just Bees' pins, with the hopes of pinning them to my newest pattern, Woolly Beehive Skep (no photo yet). These bees add such whimsey to my little beehive causing quite the buzz. The pattern is scheduled to be released very soon.
Pin Cushion Kits

JABC also sells whimsical pin cushion kits such as this little woolly strawberry. I love the red wool with these folksy quilt-style pins! Just Another Button Company also sells thousands of buttons in numerous shapes and styles, pin collections such as the bees above, kits and even complete needlework selections. 

The only drawback is finding a retail store that sells everything. JABC only sells wholesale. If you're looking for some 'bee pins' or 'bee buttons' be sure to check out my That's Woolly Something Etsy shoppe this September. I loved them so much I am selling them myself!

The red pin award for pin-worthy!

Happy pinning! (I don't mean to be so 'pinny' today!) 

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