Friday, August 31, 2012

samoa brownie cookie bars

Here is the direct link for: Samoa Brownie Cookie Bars.

I started out this summer, my very first pin, was a Samoa cookie knock-off: Samoa Bark. I thought I would end my summer, my last pin for my summer adventure, with a Samoa recipe: Samoa Brownie Cookie Bars. Hopefully, this recipe is better than the first.

This recipe comes from the blog, Jasey's Crazy Daisy. The blog's author, Jasey, has invented this bar recipe using several store-bought products such as a brownie mix, a jar of caramel sauce and a jar of hot fudge topping, along with the toasted coconut and a shortbread cookie recipe.

Because of the layering it can be a bit putzy, but simple enough nonetheless; shortbread on the bottom, brownie mix next, then the coconut-caramel layer and topped off with the chocolate drizzle. This recipe creates a 9x13-inch pan of bars.

In the end, they were very good, very rich. A great treat to bring to your next potluck. The brownie acts like a fudge layer and the coconut-caramel is wonderful. I also love the shortbread bottom. All of it works together.

Does it take the place of a Girl Scout Somoa cookie? No way! But I don't really think it's supposed to.

FYI. Next time, cut a sheet of parchment paper for the bottom of the pan and spray it with PAM. Jasey doesn't give any instructions for this and the bars stuck to the pan. They were difficult to cut and several of them are missing their shortbread bottoms. Also next time, double the shortbread recipe so the cookie bottom is thicker. The buttery crust really makes the cookie for me!

The red pin award for a very yummy new bar recipe with lots of potential!

I bet these bars will taste even better tomorrow! Oh, and I renamed these bars to 'Samoa Cookie Brownie Bar'.

Happy pinning!

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  1. So glad you liked my Samoa Brownies. Great tips, too! Some times I assume too much:) Happy Day to you!