Saturday, August 4, 2012

spiced chai concentrate

Here is the direct link for: Spiced Chai Concentrate.

Chai is a spiced milk tea from India that has become increasingly popular throughout the world. I love Chai tea whether served hot or cold. The store-bought versions can get expensive, but what I don't like is how sweet they can be. Actually too sweet for my likings. DIY Chai concentrate gives you the control, especially on how sweet to make it or like me, you prefer decaf Chai over regular.

This recipe comes from the blog, A Wooden Nest. The concentrate is quick and easy to brew. All the spices can be found either at Whole Foods or Penzey's Spice, as well as, your local grocery store.

The concentrate keeps well in the refrigerator for several weeks. It does get cloudy sitting in the refrigerator, but this is a characteristic of black tea concentrates in general. The cloudiness will go away once heated. But if served iced, the cloudiness will go unnoticed.

To serve the tea, mix one part concentrate with one part milk. And then either heat or pour it over ice for an iced Chai. I added 2/3 cup Chai concentrate and 2/3 cup whole milk to a tall glass of ice. Any fat percentage of milk can be used.

My whole family absolutely loved it, especially my daughter, Hannah. The spiced Chai has a milder, lighter taste than the store-bought version, less sweet too, but so fresh. LOVE IT! We basically drank all the concentrate in one sitting. I only tried it iced, but can hardly wait to try it warmed up.

One of the comments from A Wooden Nest's post suggested using Irish Cream along with the milk portion when mixing your drink. Wouldn't that be a yummy Christmas drink for around the fire?

The red pin award for a refreshing iced drink!

A unique bottle filled with the spiced Chai concentrate would make for wonderful Christmas gifts. Check out this 34 ounce glass bottle with stopper from IKEA.

Happy pinning!

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