Sunday, August 5, 2012

vanilla ice cubes

Here is the direct link for: Vanilla Ice Cubes (for Delicious Summer Drinks).

This recipe comes from the blog, Oh My Veggies. The blog's author, Kiersten, says this about vanilla ice, "Not only do they add the flavor of vanilla to a drink, they also add some creaminess and a touch of sweetness. They are perfect of iced coffee, tea, Chai, or even lemonade". I don't know about the lemonade part, but all the others sound wonderful.

Vanilla ice solve the age-old problem of watered-down drinks near the end, adding more flavor to the very last sip!

The recipe calls for almond milk which I had never had before; I like it now! I bought the 'vanilla' almond milk (sweetened version) rather than the original flavor. I put the vanilla bean into the milk to steep atop the stove. I didn't add the 'extra' sugar or vanilla as the recipe requested. The sweetened vanilla almond milk was sweet enough for my tastes.

I originally thought vanilla ice would be perfect addition to an iced cold Chai drink, shown above. These little guys are tasty. I had my serious doubts at first but am pleasantly surprised how yummy they are.

I also tried them in a diet coke. It tastes like a diet-version of a coke float, very vanilla-y. It's a bit messy looking, but surprisingly tasty. I recommend trying it!

FYI. Next time try the unsweetened version of Vanilla Almond Milk. Just curious the difference in flavor.

The red pin award for a delicious idea and for getting me to try something new. I would never of tried Almond milk otherwise!

Vanilla ice would also make wonderful popsicles!

Happy pinning!


  1. Sent this over to Diane as I think it can be modified for people on sugar restricted diets! I am so trying this in my next glass of soda - sounds like creme soda to me!

  2. Keep me posted on what you come up with. My husband loves vanilla cokes now!

  3. When I saw the vanilla cubes in your Coke I instantly thought ab out Laverne & Shirley and how Laverne drank milk and Pepsi. I remember drinking it as a kid and loving it lol. Having these cubes available would make iced coffee and tea quick and easy.