Thursday, September 27, 2012

quinoa & apple salad with curry dressing

This is the direct link for: Quinoa & Apple Salad with Curry Dressing.

This is actually the second time I have made this salad. The first time I deleted the photos by mistake thus no story until now. Right off the bat this should tell you something about this salad . . . it is worth making again!

This recipe comes from Martha Stewart's endless website. Quinoa is such a trendy ingredient these days. Healthy too. So to find a great salad recipe using it is a nice bonus. This salad is very pretty besides. I love the crunch of the toasted almonds, the fresh mint and the hint of curry. Yum! The recipe calls for two tablespoons of dried currants which I used the first time, but didn't have on hand the second time. I wonder why? Instead I substituted dried cranberries and they worked perfectly! I diced them into finer pieces.

I took this salad to a function and wanted the apples to stay fresh-looking so after slicing them thin, I soaked them briefly in a lemon juice-water mixture to keep them from turning brown too quickly.

The red pin award, of course! This recipe is a keeper! Very fresh and delicious and a beauty to behold!

Happy pinning!


  1. You can soak apples in a salt water bath to keep them fresh looking for days, too. It's some weird chemical reaction this that does this, but it works perfectly and no sour taste :)

  2. I'll have to try that, Liz! I never know if the lemon juice sticks to the apples or not. It sure works though!