Sunday, September 30, 2012

lemon-zucchini bread with lemon glaze

This is the direct link for: Lemon-Zucchini Bread with Lemon Glaze.

The original photo alone of this bread convinced me to make it! The moist-looking bread with little flecks of green in it and the promise of lemon flavor -- a quick bread that sings summer!

This recipe comes from the blog, Nancy Creative. This isn't your traditional zucchini bread recipe, very fresh and light. I loved it. The recipe calls for a cup of grated zucchini, which is a medium-size zucchini. Not very much at all. The loaf doesn't taste like zucchini at all, only the hint of lemon. The lemon glaze makes the bread, giving it that added tang. As one reader comments, "Be sure to let the bread cool completely before adding the lemon glaze." I did just that and it turned out beautifully.

Lemon Zucchini bread looks good and tastes good. Can't beat that! A great addition to a brunch or tea party.

The red pin award for another keeper of a recipe! I have been very lucky lately!

Happy pinning!


  1. My glands! Ouch! I can almost taste the lemon!

  2. Marie -
    Got any good "Pins" planned for Thanksgiving or Christmas? I miss you!

  3. You are so sweet, Liz. The fall is my busiest season with my pattern business so it has been hard to add it in. But I am getting caught up and we'll see what I can do. Thanks for your kind words!