Tuesday, September 4, 2012

a summer well spent

My kids are off to school today. Feeling some sadness and the quiet is overwhelming me today. My Pinterest Summer Adventure has ended. The kids have left for school. Now what?

People I hadn't seen in a while would say, "Hey Marie, what have you been up to?" I didn't know quite what to say. "Actually tons, I am trying to learn something new each day, and for instance . . ." My kids were really starting to roll their eyes. Suppers were disrupted a bit until 'the photo' was taken. But I was learning a new routine and my family has been very supportive. We are sick of chocolate-like bar recipes. But I love how smooth my legs are and all my new favorite recipes thus far.

What did I glean from this? First off, creating an entry a day is really too much. No one was making me do this, I wanted to do it. This was for me. Believe it or not, Pinterest and my endless boards were starting to look all the same to me after a while. What I did enjoy was the fresh thinking that came from trying something new each day whether it be a new knitting stitch or an intriguing new salad recipe. Trying something new from Pinterest each day can be rather limiting actually. I can't try a new salad recipe every day, although I wanted to, but my kids would have moved out. Plus all the leftovers, etc. Thus came the variety of pins: Words to Live By, health items, craft ideas, etc. 

Blogs and their authors are amazing in how they can keep it up day after day and still stay inspired. I have seen quite a few blogs over the summer and what I loved were the blogs that gave that little added detail or two, such as where they bought their bottle in which they photographed their home-made vanilla extract in. This has inspired me for both of my blogs. I love the idea of being a resource to help others.

Many blogs frustrated me with their amazing photos but lack of detail necessary for a successful outcome. Leaving out details, like what size Mason jar they used. You shouldn't have to scrutinize each photo to read between the lines. Reading the reader's comments helped out quite a few times giving new ideas and suggestion that helped push the idea even further, adding uniqueness and zest. Sometimes these comments were more educational and sometimes more intriguing than the blog itself. But you need a blog and its entry to get the readers and their comments.

Is this the end? No, I don't think so. What I see going forward is continuing but in a more sporadic or theme-like time frame. For instance, tomorrow I have a entry or two on some Back-to-School frozen breakfast ideas. And come Halloween, a week of spooky treats and decorating ideas. And before you know it, it's Thanksgiving, then Christmas and New Year's . . . see where I am going here?

What ideas would you like to read about?

Happy pinning!


  1. I've enjoyed --- everything! I don't really mind if things fail, so long as you are honest. I like to vary my interests, so anything is fair game, really. I hope others answer as well -- I'm sure there's plenty of stuff I don't know or know about :)

  2. Was a bit worried about the pace you had set for yourself!! Even the things we love the most can wear us out!! But you prevailed! And this was a most excellent adventure! I have learned many, many new things thanks to you! And I am glad to hear you are going to continue - seasonally!

    Now - to go check out that breakfast burrito!

  3. I was a bit tired in the end, yes. Now that Fall is here, my pattern business has increased, thank goodness, and I don't have the time like I did this summer to keep up that pace. I go on Pinterest now and get excited to try something new and don't have the time like I did and that gets me frustrated. Need to plan it into my week, I guess.