Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter egg holder templates

Here is the direct link for: Easter Party Egg Holder Template.

This fun template comes from Pottery Barn Kids. No kid is going to be able to cut out these templates without some adult help. The design is too intricate. But with a small, sharp scissors it definitely is worth the effort!

While we were waiting for our silk-tie dyed Easter eggs to boil, we cut out a few egg holders in anticipation. With a little paper grass and a colorful egg, the effect is super cute. No need to decorate them further.

I used heavy card stock bought at Target, found in their office supply section. They also had colored paper. These would make wonderful place setting decorations filled with decorative eggs like the one above or filled with chocolate eggs and jelly beans.

The red pin award for the good ol' cute factor! and happy Easter to you!

Happy pinning!

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